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    In Queensland, 78% of all home fire deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms and almost 50% of deaths occur between 12am - 8am while people are sleeping. Proper installation and maintenance of smoke alarms almost TRIPLES your tenants' chances of survival. Contact Smoke Alarms Brisbane to ask about our smoke alarm installation and maintenance plans today.
  • Did You Know?

    If you are asleep when a fire starts, you could suffer from smoke inhalation before you wake up. The combination of toxic smoke and reduced oxygen in the air can make waking more difficult. For these reasons, it is important to have a smoke alarm that detects smoke early and alerts you to the danger.
  • Did You Know?

    Each year, there are more than 1,250 residential fires in Queensland. These result in an average of
    16 deaths and 145 injuries. Children aged 0-4 continue to be at a higher risk of death than the rest of the family. The key to their survival is making sure you have smoke alarms which will alert you to danger as early as possible. Contact Smoke Alarms Brisbane to find out how.
  • Did You Know?

    The vast majority of Queensland homes have smoke alarms. However, people still die because their smoke alarms have not been properly maintained and batteries are not working or have been removed. At only $75 per YEAR, a Smoke Alarms Brisbane Annual Service Plan could be the smartest investment you ever make - for the safety of your property and your tenants' lives!
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Smoke Alarms Brisbane and why it was created.

Real Firefighting Experience

Smoke Alarms Brisbane was created by a Fire Fighter with many years of experience having seen first-hand the effect a fire can have on a property, its residents, and the community around them. They saw a need for a higher quality of household fire safety services, therefore Smoke Alarms Brisbane was established.  We felt the need to contribute to the safety of the community by using the many years of experience in the very important job of assessing, fitting and testing smoke alarms. Smoke Alarms Brisbane have been fitting smoke alarms since 2009. All of our staff are trained with the principles and ethics of an experienced Fire Fighter.

Duty of Care

Smoke Alarms Brisbane will not leave a property unless we truly feel it is protected. This higher level of thinking comes from a Fire Fighter's Duty of Care. We promote this thinking right throughout our company. We want to protect the tenant as they are the one at a real risk in the event of a fire. The tenant is our No.1 priority. If they are properly protected, everyone is protected.

It's not just tenants who are at risk though. At Smoke Alarms Brisbane, we feel we have a Duty of Care to tenants, landlords and their agents. Everyone needs to be fully covered and protected.

It is our duty of care to ensure:
  1. Tenants and their property are protected in the event of a fire.
  2. Landlords are keeping their tenants and their property protected.
  3. Real Estate Agents are protected by being in compliance with all standards and legislation.
Saving Lives - Protecting Property - Minimising Downtime
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What History Has Taught Us

History has taught us that the best way to fight a fire is to prevent a fire. A house that has smoke alarms properly fitted and tested makes a Fire Fighter's job easier too. If the alarm goes off in the event of a fire, the people in the property are more likely to get out. The fire brigade is called sooner, and the damage to the property and household items can be minimised greatly.

The Compounding Effect

We have experienced how fire can affect a community. How does a fire in a house affect the family, especially if someone dies? How do those in the community feel? What about those living in close proximity to that house? Those questions can only be answered by someone who has experienced these traumatic events.

Ask the elderly couple who lived next door to a close friend for many, many years. The older lady was trapped in her house while it was on fire. Her screams still haunt them to this day. There were no smoke alarms fitted in the house.

What about the family who lost their child? The boy was still curled up in his bed - neither Mum nor Dad could reach him in time. The fitted smoke alarms were not working correctly in that house at the time.

These lives WOULD have been saved if smoke alarms had been fitted and properly tested. A fire is a life-changing event. It will effect a family, and potentially those around them, for the rest of their lives.

Saving Lives

Smoke alarms are proven to save lives. Can Property Managers or Landlords really get to know all of the information or have the real life experience of a Fire Fighter? It takes years for a firefighter to understand what really goes on in a fire - how smoke travels, how fire spreads, what happens with smoke alarms, etc ...
Smoke Alarms Brisbane - REAL Experience Saving Lives
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Why Use Smoke Alarms Brisbane?

The legislation is very difficult to understand. Making sure a property is Smoke Alarm Compliant takes much more than pressing a button and changing a battery - there's a lot more to it than that. We have been installing and testing smoke alarms since they first arrived in Australia in 1990. This was before the legislation - when fitting smoke alarms was about saving lives, and not just making sure you follow the law.

We are a family owned business who care about the safety of people in our community. By using Smoke Alarms Brisbane you are fully protecting your tenants and ultimately protecting yourself and your agent from any litigation.